Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the epicenter for the national tranformation movement. Historically Dallas has been the ground zero for significant social movements that have been both positive and negative. Randy Skinner is passionate about helping Dallas lead the way in the next great positive cultrual transformation.

Making an Impact

You can find out how Randy is making a difference through unique partnerships between businesses, non-profits, governmental organizations and individuals.

Leadership on Criminal Justice

Most recently in 2013, Skinner was asked to join the North Texas US Attorney, US Marshall, and other law enforcement representatives to represent the residents of West Dallas, as a recipient of properties seized from organized crime, deeded to Habitat for Humanity to be returned to the local community.

Skinner is noted for his work in the purchase of over 325 West Dallas drug houses, beginning with 25 in 2005 by raising $500,000 from local business leaders. This project became known as the West Dallas Transformation Project, which eventually led to an additional $6 million donation by the Rees-Jones Foundation in 2008 to purchase 300 drug houses. This partnership between SJI and Builders of Hope, led to a major reduction in crime and the development of affordable homes in the West Dallas community.

In 2005, Skinner worked with former Dallas District Attorney Bill Hill to help develop a faith based U.S. Justice Department Weed and Seed for West Dallas. Skinner serves as a founding executive member of the West Dallas U.S. Justice Department Weed and Seed. The site today is considered a graduated site and has been key in taking West Dallas from one of the highest crime areas of the city to one of the safest. Skinner continues to serve as a consultant to various law enforcement agencies, from his past twenty-five year history in the criminal justice community. For more information, see Skinner's leadership in Biography for Child Advocacy and Criminal Justice and National Conference on Crimes Against Children.