Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the epicenter for the national tranformation movement. Historically Dallas has been the ground zero for significant social movements that have been both positive and negative. Randy Skinner is passionate about helping Dallas lead the way in the next great positive cultrual transformation.

Making an Impact

You can find out how Randy is making a difference through unique partnerships between businesses, non-profits, governmental organizations and individuals.

Leadership with Youth

Through the FEED 3 programs touching inner city schools, Randy Skinner has helped character program development in West Dallas. Most recently for the 2012-2013 school year, a $20,000 grant was provided to Thomas Edison Middle School for the Heart of a Champion character program. Working with 27 sites this past summer, Skinner worked with FEED 3 to help local nonprofits and churches to develop youth programs.

FEED 3 and SJI partnership with the Heart of a Champion programs began in 2009 to implement programs in local schools that were suffering from poor test scores and discipline challenges. Working with individual Dallas City Council members, Skinner has successfully brought churches, non-profit organizations and economic resources to suffering areas.

In February 2010, in partnership with Heart of a Champion and Xperience, a professional athletic outreach organization, more than 40 inner city schools heard pro NFL and NBA athletes speak on character. In 2010 and 2011, through GDJR, 16 collegiate coaches from across the nation conducted football camps for more than 150 inner city youth in the Jubilee Community of South Dallas. In the winter of 2010, more than $1.3 million worth of toys were distributed by SJI to 160 non-profit organizations in the Greater Dallas Area to be distributed to needy children. Skinner was the keynote speaker to the 30th Congressional Youth Summit on Hunger in the summer of 2011. Skinner currently serves as an advisor to YWAM of Tyler, Texas which is one of the largest mission agencies in the world.

Currently, Skinner works with One Heart Project and Heart of a Champion programs for the inner city.